• Facebook and your security

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    My wife, a long time Facebook user, received a request from Facebook the other night asking her to join and connect with the person who sent her the email. Knowing how social she is i was surprised when she declined the invitation.  I was even more surprised when i found out that the invitation had come from herself (it didn’t make me wonder why she wouldn’t want to be friends with herself).

    You see, when we got married she changed her email address and updated Facebook.   Facebook thought her old email address was another person and automatically invited her to connect with herself.  This raises some big concerns about Facebook and online security in general.   When you allow an application to scan your email addresses to find friends what do they do with that information?    All evidence indicates they keep it and more importantly use it.   As much as wife likes herself i’m pretty sure she didn’t invite herself to connect on Facebook to become BFF’s.

    I wonder when Facebook and the others will realize that people don’t actually appreciate being tracked like lab rats.

    Here’s a link on how to keep your Facebook account safe and secure:

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    Are there any steps you’d recommend?






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